Simply put, we couldn’t do much without volunteers. Fundraising, community events, conferences, safety presentations and much of the day-to-day work done by the JPMF relies on the hard work of our volunteers. For those who have volunteered for us in the past, we sincerely thank you. For those interested in volunteering for us, here’s a bit more information about what you can expect.

Events and fundraisers

The JPMF hosts and participates in several fundraising events each year. These events include golf tournaments, casinos and marathons, along with anniversary dinners and silent auctions. We frequently need volunteers to help with these events. Check our newsroom for more information on upcoming events.

Conferences and safety presentations

We often attend conferences and trade shows that require the assistance of volunteers. Volunteers at these events are required to set up and display JPMF banners and resources and inform people about the Memorial Fund and the work we do. As well, the JPMF conducts safety presentations for corporations and organizations. Volunteers, especially emergency responders, are needed to assist with these presentations and share their insights regarding the workplace and traffic hazards they face.

Finding sponsors, donors and partners

The JPMF is constantly trying to expand its network of safety partners. Volunteers are needed to help contact potential sponsors, donors and partners via email, phone calls or in some cases, face-to-face meetings. These volunteers will update individuals, organizations and corporations about JPMF activities and seek sponsorships and donations for the JPMF.

Locating prize items

Help is also needed tracking down prizes for draws, silent auctions and other fundraisers. Some of these prizes will also be given to volunteers to reward them for their work with the JPMF.

This list is not comprehensive but it should give volunteers an idea of what they’re likely to be doing with the Memorial Fund. Where possible, the JPMF will try to have volunteers doing tasks that are suited to there skills and tastes. We also encourage volunteers to give us their feedback about specific events and campaigns they play a part in, along with their thoughts about the role they play within the organization. As well, volunteers are urged to let us know if they have any good ideas for potential fundraisers or initiatives.

Our Pledge To Volunteers

No, we can’t pay you, but we do want you to enjoy your time volunteering with us. That’s why the JPMF strives to create an environment that is fun and rewarding for our volunteers. It’s also why we try to match you with tasks and activities that you want to do and that you are good at doing. We can’t guarantee that it will always work out that way, but we will try.

As well, it’s important that we listen to your impressions of the JPMF – do you like volunteering for the Memorial Fund? Would you rather be doing something else within the JPMF? Is there anything we can do to make your experience more rewarding and/or efficient? Let us know what you think. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, email or call JPMF Managing Director Ian Wilson at ian@jpmf.ca or 403-891-4269.

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