School Presentations



Our safety presentations are ideal for teen students who are entering the workforce and starting to drive on a regular basis.

We are proud to offer your school a dynamic presentation that will improve safety habits and first responder awareness.

These presentations are offered free of charge and are an ideal fit for Career and Life Management (CALM) courses.

Students will learn about Calgary Police Service Const. John Petropoulos and the preventable incident that led to his untimely passing. In addition, they will learn tangible safety tips that will both enhance self-awareness and improve understanding of the challenges that emergency responders face.

Students will view short educational videos and be engaged in a discussion that will enhance their sense of global citizenship and empathy for others, all at no cost to the school. They will learn how their actions at school, at home, and behind the wheel can impact others, including first responders.

As a registered charitable organization, our mission is to educate people about their part in eliminating preventable injuries and fatalities to first responders. Our messages also allow audiences to develop work and driving habits that can improve their own safety.














Whether you are looking for a speaker for your university, college or polytechnic institute, we have a presentation that will educate and inspire your class.

Our speakers offer free safety presentations that are ideal for people who have entered the workforce or are about to. No matter what kind of work environment students are in – be it part-time retail, an office job, field work or a trade – our presentations will offer relevant safety tips.

Post-secondary campuses are a unique environment – a town within a city where people work, live, learn, shop and use various forms of transportation. These dynamics create a different environment for those who inhabit it and the first responders who attend calls there.

JPMF safety talks can help students and staff navigate this world more safely.


It is not just the students who can benefit from our safety presentations. Teachers, faculty, administrative staff and contracted workers can learn valuable work and traffic safety tips from our presenters.

School staff are welcome to sit in on classes we present to – or you can book a presentation specifically for those who work at your school.


Safety Presentation Coordinator (AB) Judy Hobbs,, 403-971-0844

Safety Presentation Coordinator (B.C.) Sarah Hourihan,