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An effective presentation is a key way to deliver safety messages that can both increase awareness about specific issues and lead to behaviour change.

The John Petropoulos Memorial Fund (JPMF) has developed a professional Safety Presentation Program, through which our speakers deliver powerful presentations to companies, organizations and conferences that reinforce this safety message: when you make workplaces and roads safe for first responders, you make conditions safe for everyone

Our safety messages provide a different perspective on workplace safety – that of a first responder who may have to attend a premise during an emergency, such as a crime in progress, a fire, or a medical situation.

Safety Presentation Content

Over the years, our speakers have given hundreds of presentations to companies, organizations, students and conferences. The basic format of these presentations is to use the story of Const. John Petropoulos’ death as a powerful example of why workplace safety measures need to be in place for everyone who may attend a work site – and how to help make that happen.

Our five 30-second TV ads and Put Yourself in Our Boots safety video are shown during presentations to provide tangible examples of how risks in the physical work environment can be significantly minimized. If you make your workplace safe for first responders, then it is safer for everyone, including your own employees, contractors and visitors.


  • To further increase public awareness about the importance of considering first responders when implementing OH&S practices
  • To further the overall goal of workplace safety initiatives and create a culture of safer workplaces for all
  • To determine the number of workplaces that actually make tangible changes to their premise after hearing our presentations


Jody15thJody Laird – With experience as a 911 dispatcher in Calgary, Jody takes the task of helping first responders get home at the end of each shift seriously. Jody is very passionate about public speaking and has delivered keynote speeches and presentations across Canada on a variety of topics. She lives in Airdrie with her two children and her husband, a police officer and JPMF co-founder.


CliffUniformMugCliff O’Brien – Cliff is an Inspector with the Calgary Police Service and he also serves as a Director with the JPMF. A founding member of the Memorial Fund, Cliff was a good friend and classmate of John’s. He is proud to talk about workplace and traffic safety in an effort to prevent future injuries and fatalities to first responders.


Maryanne_B&WMaryanne Pope – Maryanne was married to John Petropoulos and is the Board Chair of the JPMF. She is the author of A Widow’s Awakening and also writes short stories, blogs, play scripts and screenplays. She is the founder and CEO of Pink Gazelle Productions Inc. and lives in Sidney, B.C. Maryanne does presentations in the Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland areas of B.C.


SarahStarlingMugSarah Starling – As a long-time volunteer serving many organizations, Sarah is delighted to bring her experience and dedication to the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. Her passion for the safety of first responders is close to her heart – emergency responder work runs in the family. Sarah specializes in school presentations and welcomes the opportunity to make a difference for a great cause. She lives in Calgary and is the proud mother of three wonderful children.


Lindsey Jepson – Becoming an EMT was a natural fit with Lindsey’s social work background and passion for front line emergency service work. Knowing first hand what first responders face each shift is what drives her desire to make sure they arrive home safely and emotionally intact. Lindsey is the daughter of a retired police officer and lives with her husband and three kids in Calgary.

 Maryanne Pope at WINx Chicago 2017

 Cliff O’Brien, 2017

Offering Safety Presentations in Alberta and B.C.

Our presentations are offered free of charge across Alberta and we have now expanded this program into British Columbia. Outside of these provinces, we do not charge speaking fees but we do seek to recover expenses, such as flights and hotel costs.

As a registered Canadian charity we do not profit from our safety presentations. They are offered as a public service and a way to educate people about workplace safety. Any revenue generated through this program (via charitable donations or expenses payments) is reinvested into the JPMF so we can continue to deliver safety presentations and other safety initiatives.

Presentation Topics:

  • Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
  • Traffic Safety
  • First Responder Safety
  • Safety Culture
  • Safety Performance
  • Safety News and Trends
  • Safety Videos
  • Hazard Identification
  • Effective Communication
  • Distracted Driving
  • Yielding to Emergency Vehicles
  • Slow Down/Move Over legislation
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Safety tips/discussions specific to your audience


Our safety presentations are tailored specifically to the audiences we present to. We work with those who book presentations to make sure the content is relevant and the discussion is useful for those in attendance. Here’s an overview of the audiences our presentations appeal to:

Workplace Safety

  • Energy/Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retailers
  • Service Industry
  • Engineering
  • Communications
  • Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Small Business
  • Safety Professionals
Traffic Safety
  • Driver Training Programs
  • Municipalities
  • Transportation Companies
  • Cab Companies
  • Transit Operators
In the Classroom
  • Elementary Schools
  • Junior High Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges/Universities/Post-Secondary Institutes
  • Educators (Professional Development)
  • School Caretakers
Behind the Scenes Presentations 
These presentations discuss post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), emotional issues facing first responders and the psychological impact of tragedy.
  • First Responder Departments
  • Police, Firefighter and Paramedic Associations
  • Emergency Responder Recruit Classes
  • Victim Services Units
  • 911 Operators/Dispatchers
Special Events
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Safety Meetings
  • Community Events
  • North American Occupational Safety & Health (NAOSH) Week
Click here to see a list of the organizations we have delivered safety presentations to.


“Maryanne Pope delivered a provoking and powerful presentation which strongly resonated with the fire crews in attendance. Her story brought home, with gravity, the message of workplace safety. By putting the public in the boots of first responders, Maryanne’s experience puts a face on the men and women who serve on the front lines daily.” 

- Gary Charlton, Assistant Chief, Victoria Fire Rescue

“Jody did a wonderful job presenting for us. She’s a really good speaker and her message had a big impact on our people … thank you for sending her out to speak to us!”

- Lori Bitinsky, GM, Travelodge Edmonton West

“Your presentation drives a strong message and we will incorporate this material into our safety awareness presentations.”  

- Comment from Grande Prairie presentation

“I enjoyed this presentation. Make this presentation available to every organization if possible.”  

- Feedback from Lethbridge presentation

“Excellent presentation!  The PSAs were really informative.”

- Comment from Calgary presentation

“On a personal note, my father was killed in a workplace accident many years ago and because of something, like so many workplace accidents, that could have been very easily changed or rectified – ‘one person makes a difference.’  So I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for continuing to convey the importance and simplicity of this message.”

 – Anonymous

“This presentation has great content.  It provides a change of perspective on safety.”

- Feedback from Grande Prairie presentation

If you’ve seen one of our safety presentations, please take the time to fill out the following forms and send them to Safety Presentation Program Coordinator Judy Hobbs at

The information you provide will give us valuable insights into our safety presentations and workplace safety. It will also help us in receiving grant funding in support of the Safety Presentation Program. If you saw one of our presentations and you appreciated it – or even if you’re critical of it – please provide feedback. It is very useful information.


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Workplace safety about more than hardhats by Elizabeth McSheffrey, Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune

Helping to Protect Our Protectors by Paul Everest, Olds Albertan

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