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Just as our wolf logo symbolizes the leadership, loyalty, strength of character and sense of family that is displayed by emergency responders, The Howling Wolf serves as the voice of the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. A wolf’s howl attracts other members of the pack, invites communication and creates a strong bond between pack members. We hope this blog will have the same impact on emergency responders, workplace safety professionals and traffic safety advocates, bringing us all together in the same pack and providing valuable information about workplace safety issues affecting first responders.

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Over $9,000 raised during fundraising campaign

Over $9,000 was raised during The 29-Day Challenge, a fundraiser that asked individuals to donate $29 in support of the JPMF’s Safety Presentation Program.

This fundraising drive will help us deliver over 150 safety presentations across Alberta!

Thanks to everyone who donated, booked a safety presentation, checked us out on Facebook and Twitter and helped spread the word about The 29-Day Challenge.

With some donations still coming in, the fundraising total currently sits at $8,800. Contributions were received from 78 different donors, including 59 donations of $29 and three donations of $290.

Our biggest supporter was Brian Willis, who contributed $4,204 from the Pursuit of Personal Excellence seminar put on by Winning Mind Training. A big thanks to Brian and Winning Mind Training. Brian has long been a supporter of the JPMF!

Other highlights of the campaign include:

  • 925 visits to the JPMF’s website at
  • During one week of The 29-Day Challenge, our Facebook page reached over 1,250 people
  • We picked up 35 new followers on Twitter and details of the campaign were retweeted 55 times
  • Our PSAs and safety video were viewed on YouTube more than 550 times
  • Five safety presentations were booked for groups across Alberta

The original fundraising goal of The 29-Day Challenge was $29,000, but Managing Director Ian Wilson said it’s hard to consider the campaign anything other than a major success.

“The response to The 29-Day Challenge was quite overwhelming,” said Wilson.

“We took in nearly $9,000 and that funding will help us deliver over 150 safety presentations to companies, associations and conferences across Alberta. This campaign means we will reach thousands of Albertans with our safety messages and these presentations will help save lives and prevent injuries.”

Wilson said The 29-Day Challenge helped the JPMF reconnect with old supporters and connect with new supporters.

“It also helped us promote the JPMF through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and, more importantly, promote our excellent Safety Presentation Program, which provides free presentations about workplace and traffic safety across Alberta.”

If you’d like to book a FREE safety presentation for your group, please contact program coordinator Sarah Hourihan at

Meanwhile, let us know what you thought about The 29-Day Challenge. Should we bring it back next year and try again to reach our fundraising goal of $29,000? Should we make any changes to the campaign? Let us know what you think.

And thank you – very much – for your support!

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