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John Petropoulos Leadership Award Winners Announced

The 2019 John Petropoulos Leadership Award (JPLA) winners were recently selected and presented with prizes for their exemplary police work.

The award – given annually by the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund in partnership with the Calgary Police Service (CPS) – is handed out to one constable from District 6 and one constable from District 1.

It honours recipients who possess characteristics similar to those that CPS Const. John Petropoulos displayed, including integrity, dedication to police work, commitment to excellence, courage, and honour. The award includes a cash prize and a stay at a luxury hotel. 

The 2019 District 6 JPLA winner was Const. Amanda Tanasichuk.

“I am very honoured to be the District 6 recipient of the JPLA. It is such a great way to remember John and what kind of person he was,” said Tanasichuk.

“Thank you for the prize … nice nights out are few and far between. Now I have a good excuse to take the night off.”


Amanda Tanasichuk (left) receives the District 6 JPLA from Insp. Michael Watterston (right).

The recipient of the 2019 District 1 JPLA prize package was Acting Sgt. Gene Newcombe, whose wife Laura was present to watch him receive the award from Supt. Cliff O’Brien.


Laura Newcombe (left) is all smiles as her husband Acting Sgt. Gene Newcombe (middle) receives the District 1 JPLA from Supt. Cliff O’Brien (right).

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One Response to “John Petropoulos Leadership Award Winners Announced”

  1. Brendan murphy says:

    Every one of your commercials shows the negligence of union inspectors that should have done their jobs. The accidents you describe could ALL have be avoided had the fire department not SIGNED OFF on the insurance policies of the buildings they are to respond to in case of emergency. Your examples clearly show negligence by the inspectors not doing their jobs.

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