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Just as our wolf logo symbolizes the leadership, loyalty, strength of character and sense of family that is displayed by emergency responders, The Howling Wolf serves as the voice of the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. A wolf’s howl attracts other members of the pack, invites communication and creates a strong bond between pack members. We hope this blog will have the same impact on emergency responders, workplace safety professionals and traffic safety advocates, bringing us all together in the same pack and providing valuable information about workplace safety issues affecting first responders.

Check in frequently for updates on JPMF events and initiatives, interesting research and to add your own howl to our pack.

Help Eliminate Holiday Hazards

First responders protect you from harm and this holiday season you can do the same for them.

As you settle in for the holidays, we urge you to take a look around your workplace and make sure it’s safe. At this time of year, many companies add decorations and undergo work site changes in an effort to get into the spirit of the season.

“We love Christmas decorations and holiday displays, but we want to remind people to make sure their workplaces are safe for everyone, whether it’s employees, visitors or emergency responders who may need to attend your work site,” says John Petropoulos Memorial Fund Managing Director Ian Wilson.

Many businesses are closed for several days or even weeks over the holiday season and that can create potentially deadly hazards if people don’t ensure their workplaces are hazard free before they close their doors.

“No one expects to have a medical emergency or a fire or a break-and-enter at their business, but the reality is these things happen and when they do, it’s first responders who have to tend to them,” says Wilson. “That’s why it’s important to look at your workplace from the perspective of emergency responders. Can they get in and out safely? Can they get around while carrying someone on a stretcher? Does your workplace have sensor lighting in effect? These are all good questions to consider.”


Meanwhile, the JPMF is also urging motorists to pay attention to emergency vehicles this time of year. Facing adverse weather conditions, increased traffic and the potential for more impaired drivers, this can be an especially challenging time of year for first responders, so we hope that you’ll watch out for them during the Christmas and New Year break.

“Slow down when you’re passing emergency scenes and emergency responders working on roadsides and if you can, safely move into another lane to give first responders room to work,” says Wilson. “When emergency vehicles approach with their lights activated and sirens sounding, yield the right of way. Safely pull over and let them pass. They could be trying to help someone you love.”

For safety tips and more information about the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund, check out our Facebook page and our Twitter account.  Our website and social networking pages are outstanding resources for workplace and traffic safety videos, tips, news, research and information.

Happy holidays!

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