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Just as our wolf logo symbolizes the leadership, loyalty, strength of character and sense of family that is displayed by emergency responders, The Howling Wolf serves as the voice of the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. A wolf’s howl attracts other members of the pack, invites communication and creates a strong bond between pack members. We hope this blog will have the same impact on emergency responders, workplace safety professionals and traffic safety advocates, bringing us all together in the same pack and providing valuable information about workplace safety issues affecting first responders.

Check in frequently for updates on JPMF events and initiatives, interesting research and to add your own howl to our pack.

Casket Campaign Profile #1: Tim Hamilton

Tim Hamilton

 “I’ve been thinking of Tim a lot lately. Maybe because Christmas is coming and that’s always hard…when memories come so strongly. I remember holding him as a little guy. Sometimes that’s a tough feeling. Memories are strange. You never know when or where they are going to come from – and boom. You’re flat on the floor.”

– Julie Hamilton, Tim’s mom

A summer job shouldn’t be your last job.

On July 9th, 1999, Tim Hamilton’s life came to an abrupt end, as the result of an easily preventable workplace fatality. He was 19.

Tim was working a summer job to make money for college. His job was unskilled labour with a rental company. He was told to erect a large party tent under a hydro line. The engineer on site told them the power line wouldn’t be a problem. The power arced. Tim was electrocuted.

At only 19, Tim’s life had hardly begun. He had a tight group of friends and plans for his future. Already accepted at Red Deer College, he planned to finish that program and continue on to a business degree. He loved sports, being outside and, according to his mom, Julie, was always hungry.

Julie Hamilton holding photo of her son, Tim Hamilton

We can do better for Canadians like Tim and Julie.

We have to.

Since 2000, more than 20,000 Canadians have died as a result of their job – either as the result of injury or occupational illness.

Please watch this 30-second “Casket” video:

Casket Public Service Announcement (30-seconds)

Is this the legacy we want to building for workers – and their loved ones – in Canada?

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About the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund

The JPMF was started shortly after the death of Calgary Police Constable John Petropoulos on Sept 29th, 2000. John was investigating a break and enter complaint when he stepped through a false ceiling, fell nine feet into the lunchroom below and died of a brain injury. There was no safety railing to warn him of the danger; the complaint turned out to be a false alarm.

John was 32.

The JPMF is a registered Canadian charity that raises public awareness about workplace safety issues and educates people about why & how to ensure their workplaces and the roads are safer for everyone, including emergency responders. For further information, please visit  

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